Van Opdorp Transportgroep



GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance

Van Opdorp Transport Group has been certified according to GMP legislation for animal feed transports since 25 September 2001. Current regulations state that GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance is a complete module for safeguarding feed safety in all links of the feed chain.

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ISO 9001 certification

Van Opdorp Transport Group has been ISO 9001:2015 certified since 1991. ISO 9001 is a globally acknowledged standard with requirements for quality management, and therefore a criteria for transparency and reliability in the market. Quality management is reflected in all business departments of Van Opdorp Transport Group.

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Since 1996 Van Opdorp Transport Group has been assessed by SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System). SQAS is a system of uniform third party assessments to evaluate the performance of Logistics Service Providers and Chemical Distributors. SQAS assessments cover quality, safety, security and environment and corporate social responsibility.

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The Association of Tank Cleaning Companies Netherlands (ATCN) provides a degree of recognition to guarantee and continuously improve the quality of the connected cleaning stations. To this end, the ATCN has set up a qualification system that ensures that the environment and the high level of service at the tank cleaning stations are an integral part of business operations. Ever since the ATCDN was set up, Van Opdorp Transport Group has been a member of the sector association. Van Opdorp Transport Group is entitled to carry the predicate ‘approved tank cleaning company’.

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In 2020 Van Opdorp Transport Group received a Kosher certificate. This certificate indicates that tank cleaning takes place according to the Jewish Kosher Dietary Laws.

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Van Opdorp Transportgroup is a member of ECTA. ECTA brings European transport companies together with the aim of improving efficiency, safety and quality, as well as environmental and social impact of the transport and logistics of chemical goods in Europe.

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